What Is Above Average Store?

Above Average Store is created by Danielle Mitchell, an International Marketing Strategist. Above Average Store was created with the Female Entrepreneur In Mind. From Digital & Physical Products to Merchandise That Exudes Confidence and Purpose. We are glad you are here! 

$10K In 60 E-Book!

Let's get straight to the point: 

You HATE marketing. And word on the street is you are spend way too much time on social media but still struggle to bring in a sale. 

Yet, all the experts and gurus tell you, you just aren't committed enough and it will happen if you try harder and pay for their expensive program. 

And THAT is exactly why I created my $10K In 60 Days E-Book.

Our Collections!


My experience with Danielle was nothing short of amazing. Talk about exceeding my expectations! She is so learned in so many areas. From her design sense to her execution, I couldn't have been more pleased. She is patience and efficient. Her professionalism is unparalleled. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her. Danielle is the truth!


Danielle is extremely knowledgeable on. The industry she teaches. I am big on structure and order. Working with Danielle, I walked away with items that needed to be address so that my own business can be successful. I would highly recommend Danielle for any of your marketing and business needs.


I love this book. Purchased 3 of them for gifts. One for my mom who just likes adult coloring books, one for a breast cancer survivor, and one for a dear friend who won her battle with cancer but just lost her daughter. Some of the designs will remind her of her beautiful daughter. I pray this will bring joy to her heart.


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