Make Your LinkedIn Irresistible Course

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Why LinkedIn

  1. The Algorithm – Unlike Facebook where if you post in the morning and I do not check until the afternoon I may not see your posts. LinkedIn is completely different. Many people do not check LinkedIn every day some only check once a month. LinkedIn understands that and so for my posts show up on my follower’s timeline ALL Month LONG!
  2. Less Competition – Think of the big fish in a small swimming pool vs small or medium fish in a HUGE swimming pool. It is easier to win when it is less competition so I encourage everyone to include LinkedIn in their platforms they should master.
  3. The benefits in other areas – I have had success in hiring people from LinkedIn and have been offered jobs because of my posting. Now while my primary goal is to grow my reach and expand my audience and gain more customers it does not help for those other two areas. You never know when you may want to gain another stream of income or expand your business structure and start hiring employees or contracts.