Make Money With Marketing Workbook

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How To Finally Make Money With Marketing!

Everything you need to know to start MONETIZING your platforms!

Ready To Start A Profitable Business Venture?
Are you tired of seeing everyone create a profitable side hustle/brand and you're still stuck on the sidelines because you don’t know how to get started and what to do? Have you been sitting on an idea for over a year but can’t seem to figure out how to move from the idea phase to the execution phase?
This workbook lays out the 6 PILLARS of creating a successful marketing strategy!

With How TO Make Money With Marketing You'll Learn:

6 Pillars Of Creating A Successful Marketing Campaign

1. PILLAR ONE | YOUR OFFER - The first step is to determine what your offer is going to be!

2. PILLAR TWO | THE AUDIENCE - Creating your ideal avatar is very important. I want you to dive into the demographics and the psychographics.

3. PILLAR THREE | AUTOMATION SYSTEM - Creating your funnel system will allow you to put your system on autopilot and leave you to focus on collecting leads.

4. PILLAR FOUR | MARKETING MUST-HAVES - I have created a list of marketing MUST HAVES to be productive on social media without stressing you out! 

5. PILLAR FIVE | EMAIL MARKETING - You need two things, a welcome sequence and an ongoing strategy.

6. PILLAR SIX |  AFFILIATE MARKETING - Make Money Off Of The Tools You Use.